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Jason Lambrose


Jason Lambrose was introduced to the home improvement industry in the year 2008. For the past eight years, Lambrose has developed a strong passion for helping people improve their homes. Working for various large companies in his early years of specializing in home improvement caused Lambrose to realize that he was loosing that personal touch with the customers. He then decided that creating a company of his own would allow him the ability to directly help his customers and make it known to his client that they are receiving individual care. 1st Energy Home Design came to be an official company after Lambrose invested in creating his dream business.

Every job that comes through the doors of 1st Energy Home Design is highly valued by the company and it’s fellow workers. Customer satisfaction is the main concern here at 1st Energy Home Designs and choosing to do business with us will be the furthest from a disappointment. Rather, high quality improvements are the expected outcome when giving your business to 1st Energy Home Designs. 1st Energy Home Design actively listens and seeks to both understand and respond to customer needs as a professional priority. Our company is approximately 30% less than competing businesses. Our main field of work is produced for the lower-income spectrum. Customer satisfaction remains our number one priority.

Products Used
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New windows can drastically enhance the look of your home. Even the best windows won't deliver the look or comfort you expect if they are installed poorly. Energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows are recognized as a specialty that 1st Energy Home Designs possesses.


American Standard has an unmatched legacy of quality and innovation. It is this tradition of quality and innovation that puts American Standard in three out of five homes in America, as well as, countless hotels, airports, and stadiums. 1st Energy Home Designs offers this product because of its fine American tradition.


Life Paint has grown into one of the most used specialty coatings manufacturer of architectural coatings and house paints. Life Paint Company is an environmentally company that meets current and future regulations. Meeting regulations and protecting the environment is very important to 1st Energy Home Designs.


1st Energy Home Designs specializes in installing both safe and beautiful roofing systems for their highly-valued clients. Not only will customers feel safe with their durable roofs, but they will always be left speechless with the impressive designs First Energy Home Designs will produce.


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Financing Needs


PACE helps homeowners finance energy-efficient and renewable-energy improvements through an assessment on their property taxes. Unlike most financing options, eligibility is based primarily on home equity and debt payment history rather than your credit score.


Homeowners want to improve their homes, but can't afford the upfront costs of doing the job right. CaliforniaFIRST is a government approved, low-cost, PACE financing solution from Renew Financial. Homeowners get 100% upfront funding that they repay on their property taxes for up to 30 years.


No balloon payments. No funny business with fees. Just one competitive rate locked in for the long haul. Make payments through your property tax bill. Upfront payments are the #1 barrier to moving forward on home improvements – especially those that cut energy usage.